What Did Music From Late Period Influence Composers Working After 1950?

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Assignment 2
Module code: WXM1001
Module title: The Study of Music
Student Name: Sum Ming LEE
Deadline: 11/1/2015
Question: To what extent did music from earlier period influence composers working after 1950? Discuss at least two different examples from art music or popular music, or one from each.

Classical, Baroque, and Romantic Music Influence on Modern Genres
The Classical, Romantic and Baroque eras all influenced modern genres now a day. They are the foundation of all music. There is no way that music has no single element of earlier music. It is sure that modern music is the mixture of earlier music element and modern music element. For example now a days in pop music concert, people will still often use an orchestra or a string quartet to accompany the singer. Just like the old days people use an orchestra to accompany the opera. Thus Music from earlier period influences composers working after 1950 in a large extent including the choice of instruments, the form and structure of a piece, the techniques of writing music etc.

Earlier period music influence composers working after 1950
In this assignment will take two art music as examples to show how earlier music influence the art music after 1950. The first one is Symphony No. 1 in D Major by Sergei Prokofiev and the second one is String Quartet No.1 by Elliott Carter. In the analysis of each piece, we can see the elements of old music mixed with modern music element.
Introduction of Sergei Prokofiev symphony No.…
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