What Did The Vietnam And Cold War Influence The Lyrics Of Emerging Music?

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Part A.
This investigation seeks to evaluate the following question; to what extent did the Vietnam and Cold War influence the lyrics of emerging music? The highlighted focus of the investigation will be directed towards the cause and consequences of the wars and lyrics sung by Canadian artists within the Sixties. This investigation will be supported through the analyzation of the following documents; Canada’s Humans Right History: The Sixties (History of Rights) and; Vietnam War and Cold War (TheCanadianEncyclopedia). Subsequently, the lyrics and wars will be analyzed in further understanding in order to form connections in-between the two entities. A final conclusion, formed through the analyzation, will state whether there was a significant influence of war upon the music lyrics in the Sixties – or whether it was limited.
Part B.
Through the 1960’s the most impactful wars which affected Canadian society and music were the Vietnam and Cold War. Though Canada did not primarily enter these battles, due to her close alliance with the United States of America, she was eventually involved. In 1954, the Canadian government allowed 200 men to be sent to fight with American troops in Laos , and the numbers steadily increased through-out the Sixties. Furthermore, in 1963, after several negotiations amongst the U.S military, it was agreed to allow Bomarc Missiles (nuclear weapons) to have a base upon Canadian soil. Thus, with Canada’s increasing bond with the United States,

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