What Did Women Do During The Early Industrial Revolution

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Woman in the 1830’s during the Early Industrial Revolution, were offered jobs in factories that proposed many new opportunities. Compared to living on the farm where they would have been stuck in past, at the factories, the women were ushered into the future with currency (money) and more opportunities for women to speak up and make decisions for themselves.
By working in factories, women made money that would support them in later aspects of their lives and proceeded to make their lives better. For example, most of the women used their money to save for their dowries so they could one day marry a richer man ("Daughters"). If a woman came from a farm, she would never have as much to give her husband than a woman who worked and got paid. Some women even used the money they earned to pay for an education to better themselves and have a successful occupation one day with more pay. Additionally, with the money they saved up, the women could enjoy their lives by using their wages to “purchase pretty, store bought clothing” (“Daughters” 8). Lastly, the women could even use the money to support themselves and their families (including children, a husband, and
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An example includes, how the women were only able to go on strike due to how closely knit they had become after working together at the factories (“Daughters” 9). The women had even learned to step in for each other and help out such as when one would get sick and others would be there to support them ("Daughters"). The farm life was remote due to how they only needed themselves to survive, meaning that they had no need for money. This is while in the factories, the women could become more social and make friends ("Daughters"; Hakim 103). This opened up a world of opportunities for the women making them social, and leading them to more success in
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