What Did You Eat For Dinner Last Night?

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What did you eat for dinner last night? Did you get to choose what you ate? Of course you did because you 're human. All humans live by choice, even if it seems like we 're forced to do things, it 's still considered a choice. What did your dog eat for dinner last night? Did your dog get to choose what he or she ate? Of course not because your dog is an animal. Animals live very differently from humans. Animals don 't get to live by choice, but they live by adaptations rather than necessity because humans choose how they live. In "Living Like Weasles," Annie Dillard talks about the way weasles live and also about her encounter with the wild animal itself. Dillard states that "the weasel lives in necessity and we live in choice," which is true, but is also false (300). I 'm not at all saying that animals don 't live in necessity because that is not true. Although adapting and surviving are so close in meaning, they are so different when it comes into action. An animal just can 't survive until it adapts. Dillard sees the animal world and the animal world as two completely, separate things. When really, an animal lives in the human world because they have no choice. Animals don 't have the same brains as humans, they 're actually missing an important chunk of the brain. The prefrontal cortex in the brain controls a person 's thinking, planning, and strategies. Without the prefrontal cortex, animals have no sense of who they are or what they are, they
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