What Did You Learn About Deaf Culture?

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Taking American Sign Language this semester has taught me a wide variety of things. It has taught me about the deaf culture, signing, using facial expressions, and has enhanced my knowledge of ASL as well as the deaf culture. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have been able to experience a different culture, such as ASL, this semester.
• What did you learn about deaf culture? This semester I have learned a lot about deaf culture. I learned that deaf people do not want to be pitied because they are deaf, they like to live their lives to the fullest extent as possible. People in the deaf culture do everything that people in the hearing culture do, sometimes the way they do it slightly differs. Such as everyday ways of life, things as simple as listening to music, having conversations, and watching TV. Instead of being able to hear the music, they are able to feel the beat and vibrations made by the music. They have conversations by signing and making facial expressions, instead of using words; and the same with watching TV, instead of listening to the TV they read captions or sometimes even read is. The same things we do, as a hearing person, they just do it differently. I also found it interesting that people in the deaf culture are a lot more direct and friendly, than people in the hearing culture.
• What signs did you learn?
I also learned a lot of signs this semester, considering I did not know anything about ASL before I started this class. My favorite sections that
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