What Did You Learn About Organizations, And / Or The Behavior Of Individuals Within An Organization?

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Prompt #1: What did you learn about organizations, and/or the behavior of individuals within an organization? How do the ideas presented in Part Two (the Structural Frame) of the B&D textbook enrich your understanding of the ways in which organizations and the people working in them function?
In part two of the text, I examined the differences in vertical and lateral coordination when discussing the structural frame. I have more experience with the vertical aspect verses the lateral side with my experience in the military. The military is all about the higher ups motivating the subordinates with authority, policies and regulations and strategic configuration. With my personal experience in my battalion, tasks, projects or missions usually ran smooth or were a complete mess. Our text mentions how important differentiation and integration are to the structural frame, however these two pieces can cause tensions in the work. (Bolman & Deal, 2003, p. 49) Each individual in the military has a specialized role even though the higher ups sometimes would use personnel to cross over into work they do not specialize in. Even though having personnel crossover into different division of labor usually got the job done, it often caused delays or clashes. The text mentions, “The more complex a role structure, the harder it is to sustain a focused, tightly coupled enterprise.” (Bolman & Deal, 2003, p. 71) For example, I was the ammunition technician chief attached to an artillery battalion
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