What Did You Learn From The Course Content?

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What did you learn from the course content? I think one of the most important things I learned from the course content was how to look at different situations to explain certain behaviors or norms. This is the first sociology course I have ever taken, but I have taken a few psychology courses, and have found that while in this class my mind automatically jumped to personal explanations instead of societal ones. For example, when discussing deviance and the question of why someone would be deviant, my first thoughts were things like perhaps a personality disorder, or parental figures who were also deviant; it was harder to look at a broader picture and think about things like social class, outer controls, and eternal influences. Looking at and asking about sociological reasons behind behavior is an important lesson that I learned from this class.

What Class Material is Going to Stick with You for Years to Come?
One of the first topics that we covered was the theoretical perspectives in sociology. While I do believe all of them will influence the way I look at things, I think the symbolic interactionist theory was the one that made me think the hardest. The symbolic interactionist theory considers symbols as the basis of how we view the world, communicate, and define relationships. After learning about this theory, I realized how it can be applied to basically everything; things like marriage, religion, love, hate, and morality can all be defined by what meaning we link with…
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