What Did You Learn From This Video? Elaborate?

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1. What did you learn from this video? Elaborate. In this video, one thing that I have learned is what the e-myth is. The E-myth is short for The Entrepreneurial Myth. This myth states that all people who open a small business are entrepreneurs. Also it states that people have a false ideology that just because the know how to perform the skill that they can run the business effectively. Michael Gerber states that these people know how to work on their business but not in their business”. Another thing that I made note of is the 7 disciplines of entrepreneurship. These disciplines are: 1) Enterprise Leader, 2) Market Leader, 3) Financial Leader, 4) Management Leader, 5) Lead Generator, 6) Lead Conversion and 7) Client Fulfillment. The last three disciplines are of the most importance because people in those positions need to ensure that focus is kept on the vision of the business including the other areas of leadership.
2. In your own words, explain the characteristics of an entrepreneur and why those 4 characteristics are necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.
The four characteristics of an entrepreneur are: the dreamer, thinker, story teller and leader. The dreamer is the most important factor of being an entrepreneur. They are the ones that hold the creativity and passion for creating the business. The thinkers are the ones who take the creativity and passion from the dreamers and come up with a concrete plan on how to the business should run. The storytellers are the…
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