What Did You Learn In Spanish Class

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I’ve been drawn to Spanish class since I was in 10th grade. I haven’t regretted to choose Spanish since the first day of class and my passions to Spanish class is added but not deleted. I have furthered this interest inside of classroom by learning basic Spanish academic parts in different ways, sharing Spanish-speaking countries’ culture and history and outside of the classroom by put knowledge we learned in class into reality communication with Spanish people and improved my communication skills of second language.

The most important part inside of the classroom is the academic part. In Spanish class, teacher uses different methods to let us remember Spanish vocabularies and various verb rules. The most impressive way he provides for us is that he put different colors of square paper in the ground in order to let us remember how to read and spell each color in Spanish. He always uses game to relate with academic knowledge which made tedious class become more intriguing to us. In addition, there is on time that we made a piñata for ourselves to gain understandings of Mexican cultures and
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Using the knowledge and conversation we learned in class, to connect with those native Spanish speakers in traditional Spanish restaurants. I felt anxious at first, but I gradually changed my nervous mood and started to organize my thoughts to improve the experience. My language partner was from Mexico. We talked about some everyday things together, including basic topics like her hometown food and the history of the country. Her story and introduction helped me to better understand cultures other than my own, which is a process of accumulation of knowledge and it can let my mind not just limited in the surrounding environments. Also, the new knowledge can let me become more curiosity to explore more unfamiliar
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