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At John Jay, I Yelisa Luna failed below my GPA standard being that it was my first semester there and a change from whereas I was familiar to Bmcc, being comfortable and knowledgeable on the campus area. Despite the fact I enrolled in four classes, I was excited and a little nerve wracking. I took two classes online and two in person. All the professors were good but I failed short in two of the in person classes. My examination stills wasn't what I thought it would be when I had studied. My CRJ: Police and Diversity became a stressful class due to his first teaching the new topic for the first time,however the professor had stated to bear with the power points because there was plenty of information to take in. I passed the quizzes and almost passed the midterm, but the final was very hard without any view sheets given, not unlike to Bmcc professors who would give or point out what to study for and not just reading everything from chapter 1-14 for the final. Others felt that this class was also stressful on the technique it was being transferred to us most failed as well. I was given a D+ which is low for what I though I would be getting but very understanding of the…show more content…
I had studied for but it didn't show in my exams which became upsetting. My biggest fault was never asking for help until the mid end of the semester, when I found a study person name Brittany she helped me make a well organize study sheets for my finals which help me so much in my online classes passing with a B. I wish I could have asked sooner. I also learnt how to balance my time between my job and school.

Overall granting me another chance to receive finical aid again would help so much in finishing my degree. In view that I've failed with the struggle in keeping my GPA up but I've learned to seek help, how to make a better study sheet and balance my class
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