What Did You Learn Over The Past 13 Weeks?

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ECA Reflective Thinking Report What did you learn over the past 13 weeks I started my professional year course at ECA on 2nd May to gain migration points for my visa application. However, during 13 weeks at ECA I have learnt a lot of things which can support me to live in Australia. The first lesson that ECA taught us was about Australian workplace culture. This would help us who are international students understand more about the out future work environment. This lesson covers about the professional practices & work health and safety which offer us some knowledge about Work health safety as well as risk management in the workplace. Moreover, this also helps us to understand about the workplace diversity and work effective as a team. The next important thing that I learnt from ECA is how to prepare for the job application. We were taught how to create a professional resumé, portfolio and cover letter which are the essential steps to apply for a job in Australia. The cover letter and the resumé is the first things that the employer 's notice at the recruitment. ECA has provided us some useful methods and tips to create a good cover and resumé which could increase the opportunity to get the job. The preparation for the job interview would be the most important lesson that was offered from professional year course of ECA. After this lesson, the students can know what is a real and professional job interview and can do some preparation for it. The students can know

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