What Did You Win Gardens?

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Whatever Happened to Victory Gardens?
In 1944 President Franklin Roosevelt once expressed, “I hope every American who possibly can will grow a victory garden this year. We found last year that even the smallest garden helped” (Roosevelt). More recently First Lady Michelle Obama made the decision to remove a portion of the lawn at the White House. Where the portion of lawn used to be, the First Lady planted a garden in an attempt to encourage the adoption of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle (Staff, NPR). Instead of the praise she deserves for the contribution to her country and world, her attempts and encouragements to Americans have been widely and unfairly criticized by many commentators (Beam). How has this society reached the point where a legitimately good recommendation is not only unappreciated but frowned upon? How could this be a productive society when it is pursuing behaviors and policies that are counterproductive to our health and wellbeing of our country? The First Lady is not alone in having her efforts criticized. Home Owners Associations stand firmly in the way of Americans trying to do the right thing for their world by banning these healthy and reviving choices that some home owners wish to pursue. Covenants on what people should do with their property, especially regarding the prohibition of using gardens instead of a front lawn, should be banned. Replacing lawns with gardens will conserve water and help to protect the environment. These…
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