What Differentiates Medicine From Public Health?

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What differentiates medicine from public health? There is not much difference between medicine and public health, other than public health is a federal program that is government administered while medicine is not federally administered yet it is by institutions. Imagine if a zombie apocalypse occurred, one would not know what might happen however, it is the role of the medical professional to be prepared at all times to work with patients one by one. Some might see the role of the medical professional as to prevent and treat diseases one life at a time as non essential since it is quite different from the public health professional. It appears that the public health professional prevents and treats diseases on a grander scale which would better accommodate a larger population at the time of a zombie apocalypse. How to halt the looting? Professionals of health policy have roles that are equally important regardless of what the needs of the community might be and regardless of the violence that surrounds them. According to Eileen Salinsky (5), a consultant of the National Health Policy Forum, Governmental Public Health, these health professionals not only prevent the spread of diseases, they do much more, since they also “respond to disasters and assists communities in recovery, and assures the quality and accessibility of health services”. In order to stop the looting the community would need professionals that would maintain their policies, rules, standards, regulations
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