What Do Colleges Look For When You Apply?

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What do colleges look for when you apply? They will look at your grades and application but without the proper ACT or SAT score, there isn’t really a chance to get in. It is a single test taken within a day that determines so much about what college you can get into and the financial aid that can be received. A lot rides on this single test. This isn’t the only situation where this happens, though. The IQ or intelligence quotient, is a means of discovering the level of intelligence of a person. It is a test taken within a day that determines a person’s level of cognitive ability. This test can get students into gifted programs in schools and was used by the
Army for a while to determine placement of recruits (Urban 324). It can also be used by private employment. The average person tends to trust the IQ test and other forms of intelligence testing because it is “scientifically” proven. It is based on old biased evidence, however, and no one wants to fix it. Intelligence Testing has a dark past that has determined the way it is today.
Although the intents are no longer blatantly biased, they are indirectly causing oppression and following a dangerous past of racial superiority. Therefore, a modern in-depth study needs to be done in order to determine the validity of the current tests, and approach it from an unbiased view. After this a public notice should be done showing the biases and faults of the current tests and their effect on systematic oppression.
The early…
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