What Do Current Members Have For Say About Folkeautomaten?

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Blog 16 - What do current members have to say about Folkeautomaten? Norway has always been known as an online casino hotbed, but it seems that the temperature within the market has skyrocketed as of late. How this has come about is through the popularisation of a recently launched online casino as Folkeautomaten, is the brand name of the moment. Industry experts by all accounts have it earmarked for the top next year, with thousands players seemingly intrigued by all that this online is bringing to the table. Taking into consideration the current state of the online casino landscape, it is clear that there is certainly room for an online casino to step out from the rest. Will Folkeautomaten be the name to emerge from the crowded online…show more content…
On the surface it is clear that Folkeautomaten is doing plenty to entice new players. The game selection is another positive point, one user in particular raved about the game selection at hand. He said, “You simply don’t expect to see such a huge game selection from such a young online casino. After browsing through all that is available I clocked that there were over 400 games available. I haven’t quite seem an online casino game selection quite like it I’m being honest”. Looking at Folkeautomaten, it is clear that the most players are impressed by the collection of games provided by the likes of Microgaminga and NetEnt. Current members have plenty to say about Folkeautomaten, with it largely being positive. However, it seems that some users are longing for the online casino to tweak a few things in order to help make it the perfect experience. Bonuses and promotions seem to be a consistent (albeit small) bone of contention for some users. One user seemed particularly disappointed with what was offered, “New players are immediately handed €10 upon registration, which is obviously great. But I found, at least some of the time anyway, that they didn’t really offer up much else”. Another player added, “I love Folkeautomaten, but I just wish that they would give me a little more for depositing regularly”. Listening to these comments, it seems that
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