What Do I Believe?

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What do I believe in? If you are asking me this in a spiritual sense, I can say honestly that I have no idea. Sometimes I think there might be some sort of force or spirits, watching over us. Other times I don’t believe in anything at all. Now, if you are asking me this in a general sense, I can say that I believe in truthfulness and friendship. I believe in the importance of fairness, of family, of happiness, and of community. I believe that everyone can succeed but must fail at least once to do so; and that everyone has the ability to understand another even if they do not agree with his or her own beliefs. My beliefs and values stem from too many places to name. Every experience I have, every moment that I am alive, pushes me towards or away from a belief. Every decision my parents make influences my beliefs and values. Every value and belief I learn at school and in my faith community at church allows me to consider whether the decisions I have made in the past are right. The lesson I learn there also influence how I make decisions in the future. I believed that everyone should be as truthful as possible without hurting the ones they love. People should be open to any values or beliefs that someone has even if they don’t agree. Everyone should try their best not to say a mean word and no one should be left out. There are also decisions I make based not on specific laws I have for myself but based on judgment and what I think is the right move for the situation.
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