What Do I Do From Here?

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Jordan patted her head. She wasn’t talking much as Lori cried, but Lori suspected the only thing that Jordan wanted to say was, “I told you.” Lori had cried when Drew walked out. When she thought she had cried herself out, she picked up the phone and called Jordan, but from somewhere more tears came. Jordan come over with her four-year-old son, named Guy but called Classic. Classic climbed into Lori’s lap and promised that everything was going to be okay. They were here to help. Classic sat there until she stopped crying again. Once the tears stopped, Classic, satisfied that his job was done, crawled down and started playing with his dinosaurs. “What do I do from here?” Lori asked. “I would finish your blog.” “Why? Me and…show more content…
Denim, never taking his eye off the toys, came over and bumped Lori’s shoulder then jumped up on her head. “Knock him down,” Jordan laughed. “No, he is protecting me. Why get rid of my protector?” Classic and Jordan stayed as late as they dared, but they had to go meet the school bus for Jordan’s oldest, Casey. Lori proofed the letter to the adoption agency again and ran it through two online proofers. If nothing else, her letter would be grammatically perfect. It felt flat to her, but she didn’t have anything on the inside to give. She was surprised to see Brenda’s car in the driveway thinking she would be at work. She drove by the house once wanting to chicken out and broach the subject without Brenda. “No! No! No!” Lori beat her hand on the steering wheel. She would not get an answer by running away and pretending everything was okay. She circled back and parked in her father’s drive. Her father seemed to be startled when she opened the door. “Hi Sunshine, whatcha doin ' here?” “I brought your letter for the adoption agency,” Lori said with so much forced cheerfulness that Michael took her by the hand and led her to the kitchen table. Lori saw Brenda at the sink. Her father’s wife glanced at her, took in Lori’s face and turned back to the dishes. “Something is wrong. What is it?” Michael demanded. “Drew and I broke up.” His face softened. “Aww, Sunshine. What happened?” Lori played with the letter she
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