What Do I Title This With?

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Tiffany Dagus HRE4M1 Mr. Dispasquale January 09, 2015 WHAT DO I TITLE THIS WITH In today’s current events the names Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown have become very familiar, unfortunately in a rather negative way. Both men happened to be African-Americans who were shot and killed by policemen identified as being Caucasian men which raised the concern whether if both cases were examples of racial profiling. Racial profiling is the use of an individual’s race or ethnicity as a main factor in deciding whether to engage in enforcement. Simply put it is the use of racial stereotypes and the act of discrimination upon a victim in a demeaning manner. For example: stricter security clearances for Muslims at airports due to the 9/11 terrorist attack or banning Aboriginals from a bar because they will become rowdy when drunk. With all the advancements in today’s society – economically, technologically and socially etc. one would think that racial profiling and racism in general would be a thing of the past but yet t is the headline of many newspapers. Racial profiling is not only a social injustice but a prejudice against potential victims that must be removed from today’s society and can be achieved so through self-reflection, acting virtuously and taking initiative. The first dimension of conscience is capacity which is the ability to recognize the good and search for it. The good is to treat others equally as well as recognize the fact that we are all guilty somehow. Sadly,
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