What Do Tattoos And Piercings Affect The Perception That Prospective Employers

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What does a professional Medical Assistant wear to work? How about to an interview? And how do tattoos and piercings affect the perception that prospective employers, fellow employees and patients form about an applicant? Manner of dress and personal appearance present a lasting first impression that can counterbalance an outstanding resume, and can make or break the chance to gain employment in the medical field. At Carrington College the dress code includes grey scrubs with the Carrington logo, and closed leather or leather-like shoes. It is a requirement that nails be kept short, with clear polish (if any), and that males with facial hair keep beards and/or mustaches neat and clean. Women’s hair is pulled away from their faces during lab, and jewelry kept to a minimum. A wedding ring is allowed, earrings that do not dangle, and a watch with a second hand is acceptable. The college manual indicates that a student will be sent home for the day if unacceptably dressed. Some students object and feel strongly that this policy is too strict. There is, however, a reason for the dress code. The ability to adhere to a set of standards for the profession in the classroom carries over into the workplace. Professional attire is essential for appearance as well as student and patient safety. In the book “Can I Wear My Nose Ring to the Interview?” (Ellen Gordon Reeves, p. xi), the author gives a very succinct answer to the question posed in the title: “Yes. If you wear

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