What Do The Oil Numbers

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What do the oil numbers 10W-30 mean? Your engines rotating parts are protected from heat and friction by a thin layer of oil. We have seen the numbers on the oil bottles and read what the manufacturers recommend for the oil but, how were those numbers derived? The increase in technology has changed the way it was measured, but the numbers have stayed consistent so as not to make consumers learn a new system, or have the oil manufacturers feel obligated to list both the old numbers and the new numbers on the labels. Multi-grade oils are the best of both worlds and this accomplished by using additives to increase viscosity with the increase temperature. There are many types of lubricants, just make sure that you are using engine oil, and the engine oil for your type of engine, two- or four-stroke engines, as other lubricants have similar gradings. A little history of oil: In 1866, Medical Doctor John Ellis was trying to determine if there were any medicinal properties of crude oil. He did not find any medical properties, but realized that there were potentials in lubrication for steam engines. At that time, lubrication was mainly animal or vegetable fat, and that has started to come back around full circle, but has potential since new technology for refining those fats into a more usable lubrication. He then founded the Predecessor to Valvoline oil, Continuous Oil Refining Company and put his medical practice on hold indefinitely. He patented several refining methods
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