What Do Undocumented Immigrants Really Hurt Our Economy?

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What Do Undocumented Immigrants Actually Do To The Economy? As of recently, immigration has come to the forefront of political issues in the United States. There are two main sectors of immigration that our government highlights as problem areas: undocumented immigration and immigration from the Middle East. The number one issue brought up when discussing undocumented immigration is its effect on the economy. There is a plethora of rhetoric that we hear and see in our society telling us that immigrants steal our jobs and destroy our economy. When confronted with this prospect, there is one obvious question: Is it true that undocumented immigrants really hurt our economy? This question has various components that need to be researched in…show more content…
In fact, this is not taking into account how much mass deportations would cost taxpayers. Currently, Homeland Security does not have the personnel to go through with mass deportation. The United States currently has the ability to only deport 400,000 people every year. Currently there are 5,000 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) workers devoted to deportation; Trump plans on raising that number to 90,000 in order to speed up the process of deportation. This would cost American taxpayers somewhere between 100 to 300 billion dollars in the end (Salisbury 2014). One of the main points of rhetoric used when trying to show how undocumented immigrants are bad for Americans is that they are taking our jobs. This for the most part is false, in fact undocumented immigrants actually have raised wages for people working skilled jobs by more than 10 percent. This happens because they can be more productive because of the help they get doing the non-skilled work they used to do. The only people who are negatively affected by undocumented immigrants are adults who do not have a high school education. They have seen a decrease in wages between 0.4 and 7.7 percent (Davidson). While there has been a slight decrease in wages for non-high school this does not necessarily mean that they are taking our jobs. There have been many studies looking into whether or not the jobs that a majority of
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