What Do We Expect Our Future? Essay

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What do we expect our future to hold? What are we going to become? These are the human questions being answered by the various fields of anthropology. The only way we can determine our future is to look at the past and see how we came to be, and how quickly. Our ability to innovate and create is common knowledge, but the speed at which we can develop technologies in unfathomable. As Americans our influenced culture dates back to the Greeks, so to learn about ourselves we must learn from what we came from. The goal of looking into the past is not just to learn about humans, but to learn how we can achieve more knowledge by preserving the past. Archeological sites need to be protected and how we do that has been influenced in Thessaly, Greece. The preservation of all archaeological sites allows us knowledge yes, but it is the ability to compare sites to see which cultures influenced the development of other cultures is the new way to learn about ourselves. The area on to start with is Halos. This area is in South-East part of Thessaly, and like other parts of the region has been a great source to learn about ancient Greece. “The first tumulus (Tumulus E) was excavated in 1899 by the local archaeological society ‘Othrys’” (Georganis, 291). Another site was discovered in the region by Wace and Thompson in 1912. According to Vouzaxakis: “The Neolithic period in Thessaly (Greece) was first studied at the beginning of the 20th century by Tsountas (1908). Since
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