What Do We Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder?

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What Do We Know About Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Actress Holly Robinson Peete once stated, “I 'm not a doctor or scientist. I 'm just a mom. But I do think there 's a genetic predisposition, and there are environmental triggers. I feel like that combination, in my child 's case, is what resulted in autism.”
Holly Robinson could have not said it in a better way. What is the cause of autism? Is autism solely caused by genetics or a combination of genetics and environmental influences? What does make up autism spectrum disorders? With so much research by professionals, it is unknown how the cause of autism spectrum disorder is not yet identified; however, overwhelming support suggests that biological and environmental influences are the potential cause or causes of this disorder.
To help understand why it is unclear of the potential cause or causes of autism disorders and its effects, it is wise to first understand what autism is. Nowadays, autism is better known as ASD short for autism spectrum disorder. It is actually a spectrum of disorders, it isn’t a single disorder of autism but a range of disorders that are in combination with autism. In the article, Melinda Smith explains, “However, when most people talk about the autism spectrum disorders, they are referring to the three most common PDDs: Autism, Asperger 's Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS)”. Smith continues to say, “Diagnosing an autism spectrum disorder is not a…
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