Essay on What Do We Mean by Life Chances

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What do we mean by life chances?

There is a belief that depending on where people live, their life chances can vary tremendously. The term life chances was first used by sociologist Max Weber in 1948 he believed that people’s life chances were guided by their economic position. This also affected their ability to gain employment or own a property. People’s life chances can therefore be positive or negative depending on their social and economic background. Different life chances are all connected, education can affect the type of employment that a person gains which can effect where they live and the type of housing they acquire. This can all affect wealth and income and will have a bearing on how much choice people have.

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This implies that it is mainly people’s level of income that influence their access to different types of properties.

Presently, most people rely on income to obtain a mortgage, but with a small income may need to release equity in the future to boost their pension, but those with a higher income will be able to buy bigger houses and are less inclined to withdraw equity and are more likely to pass on inheritence. Owning a property can bring more choice and wealth.

This is an example of two families that live side by side but their worlds are totally different. One family the Bretts is a single parent with four children living in a run down council flat living in the one room which is liveable whilst the rest of the flat needs work., she once had hopes and dreams for herself and her family to better herself and get out of this cycle, but raising her children on income support and becoming susceptible to loan sharks which can make her situation look better with the extra money,

The other family the Confinos has two working parents in professional jobs and four children. But live in a six bedroom house where they are able to give their children everything, the family do not go without and have a very prosperous lifestyle.

The eldest Brett child is still hanging on at college, but finding it difficult to maintain studying and working part time with hopes of going to university. But

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