What Do You Believe You Reached Your Goals? Essay

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To what extent do you believe you reached your goals? I strongly believe that I have made significant improvement regarding all of the established goals on the learning contract. Additionally, I believe that I have accomplished a majority of the goals that were established on the learning contract as I have demonstrated the behaviors, actions, and knowledge that the goals were established to improve on. At the same time, I feel that with more experience and time in the social work field I will continue to make improvements and continue to increase the ability to exceed each of the goals that were established in the learning contract. I am one who believes that there is always room for improvement especially for someone such as myself that has a strong desire to continue to grow. In the future, I will continue to establish professional goals that relate to the position that I obtain in the social work field to continue to increase knowledge, experiences, and effectiveness. Provide examples of how you leveraged at least two of your strengths or talents to help you reach your goals.
The strengths and talents that I applied most often to reach my goals were responsibility, significance, and learner. I leveraged the strength of responsibility by taking responsibility of my learning experiences while at my internship. I was able to gain experience in many different areas to meet my goals by volunteering to help others, to complete tasks, and to participate in trainings

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