What Do You Define Diversity Within A Workplace?

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How do you define diversity in a workplace? Do you fall victim to a non diversified workplace where everyone seems out of place? Many people have different views on this the topic of diversity, but do not necessarily understand it fully in a workplace. If your job has numerous age groups, races, religious beliefs, and equal amount of gender, then your job is practicing diversification. A lot of companies are making it more known that they enforce diversity in their workplaces. Three top companies stand out the most because of their name, relevance, and image they portray. Target, Kraft Foods, and Johnson & Johnson are all household names that are gender, race, age, and family friendly. The question is how diversified are they behind the scenes, and how effective are they? In this paper research was done to give insight on job diversification and its effectiveness. Target, Kraft foods, and Johnson & Johnson have all made major impact on Americans and the nation. Their positions on diversity are very strong and they continue to reach for higher boundaries and give minorities better chances. Kraft Foods is the only company out of the three who does not have a “go to “diversity statement. They are recognized for their diversification of the company and continue to create openness and effectiveness. “We recognize that differences in age, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical ability, thinking style and background bring richness to our work environments”
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