What Do You Feel Was The Root Cause Of The Problem / Issue Discussed Above? Why?

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1. What do you feel was the root cause of the problem/issue discussed above? Why? The two problems this hospital is currently facing are dealing with financial issues and their mission statement. As finance can never be the underlying cause of an issue, only the result of an issue, this problem is cut out of the picture for now. The issue starts with employees misinterpretation of the mission statement, due to it being unclear. The mission statement was created by top management; therefore, I believe the root of the problem for Faith’s Community Hospital started with top management. If employees were misinterpreting the mission statement and had to use their own code of ethics and personal beliefs, then the top management did not do their job of making all employees believe in the same idea. This can be a cultural problem, a miscommunication or not enough training, but regardless this all comes down to top management. If top management were able to train the employees to ensure each employee represented the same code of ethics and beliefs, then there would be no problem with the mission statement, which could lead to no financial issues. 2. Was the investigation of the problem the most appropriate way to do this? Is there some other things that they should have done? If so, how would you do it differently? Once the hospital noticed they were having problems the CEO, Executive Assistant, Financial Analyst and Operations Director stepped in to do some investigation.
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