What Do You Help Gain From Your Experience As A Peer Advisor?

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What do you hope to gain from your experience as a peer advisor? In becoming a peer advisor, I hope to build relationships and develop a stronger sense of community. Throughout my Dominican experience, I have taken full advantage of the opportunities the school has to offer. I have interned with community based learning partnerships, danced for OLAS dance company and have traveled abroad. These opportunities helped me build strong relationships with my peers and allowed me to use my leadership skills to accomplish goals. As a leader, I have learned the importance of communication. It is highly important to maintain open communication, in order to build strong relations. I have learned that leadership takes several different forms and it is important to determine which fits best within a situation. It is important to get to know individuals and learn how to interact with them in the most effective way in order to achieve a goal. As a leader it is crucial to always be aware of your team’s needs. Throughout my leadership experience, I’ve learned to accept different views of thinking and perspectives. As a leader I hope I can interact with different leaders that have diverse ways of thinking and or values. My overall goal is to develop strong relationships with my mentees and provide them with a great college experience.
List and describe all previous activities and/or leadership positions/experiences you have held at Dominican University, in the community, your place of

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