What Do You Know About Women's Rights?

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What do you know about Women rights? Do you know that Women and Men don’t have equal rights.Women's right is a right that promotes a position of legal and social equality for women and men The average hourly earnings for women working full time are 18% lower than men's. A girl named Malala Yousafzai wanted to go to school but only boys could. Malia went anyway, after going to school,a bunch of Jewish Soldiers came on the bus and shot here. She was rushed to the hospital and soon later survived. Soon later Malala would be given a Nobel Peace Prize for women's rights. Women gained the right to vote in america in the 1920s on the 19th amendment. Over 700 million women alive got married under 18 and the 250 million were married before 15. 150 million children worldwide don’t go to school. 90 million of these are girls and the rest are boys. Imagine yourself not…show more content…
Should Men and Women be equal. Men and women's rights have came a long way since 100 years ago. Women can join the Army, Navy, Seals and even the Marines. Women can even work full time but still don’t get enough money. 1.3 billion people in the world live in absolute poverty 70% of them are women. Think about how you don’t get the money you deserve, Think about you worked full time and you only got 7 dollars a day. In 1870 Men were granted the right to vote. What can we do to Help Women's rights are a big problem and we have to do something. I believe that all 8th graders should be allowed to buy Nike equality shirts and wear them to school once a month. I believe that every time you buy a shirt it will go to the women's foundation. It will help the women's foundation to raise money for it. What is the women's foundation? The women's foundation is a program to help women in different countries with issues,poverty and the right to be equal. Women's rights have a become a national war. The national women's foundation is helping communities to have equal pay for women and
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