What Do You Power Your House?

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How do you power your house? Last year, eighty-eight percent of the world 's total energy use came from fossil fuels and nuclear power; however, according to David Yarnold, the Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund, seventy percent of Iceland 's total energy (and nearly one-hundred percent of its electricity and heat) comes from two of the income, or renewable resources: geothermal and hydroelectric. Why do some places in the world use different energy sources than others; does it matter which one we use? The world uses three unique types of resources to power itself: fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable resources. Fossil fuels account for almost eighty-three percent of the world 's energy. Fossil fuels, also called mineral fuels, form from the decomposition of plants and animals that died millions, sometimes even hundreds of millions, of years ago. Fossil fuels are also non-renewable - this means that when we use all of the fossil fuels, we will not have a chance to get the back or use them ever again; they are gone. By burning these fossil fuels, we produce heat and energy to fuel anything from houses and cars to boats and planes. Another distinct factor that makes fossil fuels unique is the carbon-dioxide gas that these fossil fuels emit when we burn them for energy. Many people altercate that burning fossil fuels dramatically harms the environment; others say that it has almost no effect on the environment. Even though people complain about the
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