What Do You Think About? Essay

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Saying the decade 1920’s, what do you think about? is it Food, a style of car, or Tv show, or even the fact that this is when they started the drive-up movies ? This decade can also strike up a time period of historical events, that 's no matter how far we continue in the American timeline, the world can never forget. The Roaring Twenties, which is the only decade with a nickname ,was so spectacular, there was a novel wrote called : 1920:The year that made the decade roar . It started the first day of the ‘20s. January 1,2016, in the sixth rose bowl, The Harvard Pilgrims defeated the Oregon Ducks by one point , six to seven . At the time it was called “The tournament East-West football “. It was so Historical—since that was the first and last time they met . This was the first Rose Bowl game following the World War I. Ever since then a tradition was formed, a team from the Eastern part of the country played an organization from the west coast, until 1994 , during World War II. In this decade, the mammal made from the man’s ribs has finally gotten what they been waiting for. “It all started as early as 1638, when Margeret Brent, a successful businesswoman in Virginia, tried on demand the right in the states’ house of burgesses”, according to David W. Brown’s article on Menta_lfloss.com. It took a real strong hearted woman to fight for what they believe in, to start this tough movement. Along with Mrs. Brent , there were many women who played a role in the movement that
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