What Do You Think Liam?

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"We don 't love you Louis" Harry said angrily, shoving all of Louis ' stuff into a garbage bag. "What? No no! Harry! " Louis cried out, running over to Harry and attempting to grab his arm. "Don 't touch me" Harry shouted, shacking Louis off of his body smacking him in the process. "You 're finally kicking the loser out?" A snarky voice remarked from the door leading into the bedroom. "What do you think Liam? Of course I am, I 'm tired of doing all of this shit. Now get him out of the fucking house." Harry said towards Liam who was currently picking at his fingernails. "Louis Louis, louis, louis" Liam said, though it didn 't look like it was actually Liam saying it. It actually sounded as if someone else was saying his name. "Louis, baby, please wake up sweetheart. It 's just a bad dream, please sweet pea" two pleasing voices said from above. Louis woke up with a gasp which turned into a long sob followed by many other pain filled sobs. "Hey hey shhh it 's okay sweetie, it was just a dream" Liam said in a soft voice, he couldn 't help but cuddle the boy into his arms and rub small circles into his back. Harry was looking at the scene unfolding before him and at the same time trying to find Louis ' blanket inside the bag they kept inside the car for emergencies. "Li Li, awy! Really mean, mean to Louis" Louis sobbed out. "What did you say Louis?" Harry questioned once he found the blanket, and began to wrap Louis in it. "You two
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