What Do You Think Your Reaction?

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Imagine you had to pick only a handful of adjectives from a list to describe yourself, what do you think those words be? What if you then had to rank those words? Now, what if you asked someone else to pick a handful of words that they felt described you from the same list and rank them. What do you think your reaction would be to seeing their list and how they chose to rank those words? Would you feel like they completely understood who you are or would you feel like they really didn’t understand the person you see yourself as? We are all different people and we all view things differently so it would only make since that the words chosen by two different people to describe a single individual wouldn’t be exactly the same. Picking just a handful of words to sum myself up really encouraged a deeper look into why I chose those specific words while also allowing myself to discover and reflect upon the underlying influences that helped shape my choices. Trying to pick just six words from a fixed list of adjectives to best describe myself then ranking those words really got me thinking. I can’t say that I felt surprised by the adjectives I chose or how I chose to rank them because I feel that I know myself. I know what I feel, what I think, how I view things and how I feel like I present myself to the world. After seeing my husband’s choice of adjectives and how he chose to rank those, I felt myself feeling more defensive than surprised. I knew he would pick some of the…

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