What Do You Use For An Outlet When You 're Angry?

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What do you use for an outlet when you 're angry? When there’s no food in your house and you overhear your mom contemplating on what to do about it, how do you help? No one thinks about these questions when it does not apply to their situation. Living in a low-income household with one parent to provide made me ask myself these questions. However, when I asked myself these questions, I found myself livider. I was only fourteen years old and didn’t know how to express myself. There wasn’t anyone to confide, because my mother was always at work. What could a fourteen years old girl do to contribute to provide for a family. Sometimes it felt like the walls in my house were slowing closing in on me.
As the years went by, the feeling of emptiness grew stronger and stronger. My sisters were older than me, so i received hand me downs. I watched others in class come in with the newest name brand clothing sit by and ridicule me. The question that haunted me once more was a perfect outlet for my anger. One day I found that outlet. This outlet was through violence. If i felt like i was disrespected, i would get very wild. I knew it was wrong, but i kept up my act thinking it would take a burden off my mom’s back. She didn’t have to see my sad face when i asked for something she couldn 't afford or hear me cry from the jokes students made. She didn’t know what i was doing. My brother caregiver for us and really didn’t care what we did. He never relayed the messages.
I graduated and…
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