What Do You Want Most From Life?

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What do you want most from life? You would almost certainly say you want to be successful. How do you attain success? First, you need the wisdom to know what to do, the knowledge of how to do it, and the self-motivation to do it. Self- motivation is what this book is all about. What is self-motivation? I believe there are two parts to it. The first is mental: you conceive in your mind where you want to go. The second part is physical: you take action to get there. Mind and action are equally important. It’s like driving a car— you have to know where you’re going before you get in and start driving. Self- motivation—thought and action—is the key to success. Observe a successful person. No sooner does he achieve his goal than he will set newer and higher goals in order to extend even further his success and happiness. This does not mean that a successful person has no disappointments. But he is successful because he knows how to overcome them and get on top of them. But the basic question is, “How do you achieve the goals you have set for yourself? How can you be what you want to be?” That is what this book is all about: how to achieve happiness and success in life. It sets forth guidelines that have worked for others, guidelines that are simple and proven. But these guidelines work only when there is self-motivated action on the part of those who want to get ahead. They do nothing for the person who will do nothing for himself. W. Clement Stone, founder

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