What Does A Flag Represent?

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What does a flag represent? The answer to that question is somewhat relative. A flag carries different meanings to different people and cultures. However, in many cultures, a nation’s flag will often be treated with a certain amount of respect by the inhabitants of that nation. In the U.S. there is a code that designates how the American flag should be treated, one entry stating that no flag, in a collection of flags, shall be flown higher than the U.S. flag (U.S. Code, 2007). It should be well known that treating a country’s flag with dishonor will likely not be received well by the country’s people. But what should happen if an incident occurred wherein the disrespect was unintentional? It would seem as though, when dealing with a country’s flag, there would be a certain amount of preparation and research before the release of the product. In this paper, I will provide a look into how Puma’s attempt to create a positive brand image went awry, explore the symbolic significance of this event, and explain how a lack of in-depth research and interaction with the audience played contributing roles in this “snafu,” outlining possible solutions and suggestions for the company in the process. In 2011, the United Arab Emirates was preparing to celebrate the country’s 40th National Day, an Emirati holiday celebrating the day that the country officially received its nationalization (UAE National Day, 2015). Puma, an internationally renowned apparel company, wanted to help the country
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