What Does A Parent Go About Choosing A Style Of Discipline?

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Styles of Discipline Every child, no matter the age, race, or gender has been disciplined at some point. The topic of discipline is always a sensitive one and the idea of it is different for every person. How does a parent go about choosing a style of discipline? Or is there really a choice? Most parents may use how they themselves were disciplined as a starting point. Socially and culturally speaking, there is a wide variety and range when it comes to discipline. Some may be viewed as ineffective, such as counting and ignoring what some call mild behavior. Others such as beating with a belt or juvenile detention may be considered too harsh. For the most part, the consequence should equal the age and the behavior. There may or may not be a right or wrong answer as to which is the correct style, but that decision truly lies with the parent. As time moves forward, people from all backgrounds, have come up with new and creative ways of disciplining their children. The most common and familiar styles of discipline to a parent are a time out, a spanking, and taking away privileges. Children by grand design, do not come with instructions. They are unaware of what to do and what is right and wrong. After a while, kids will become interested in how far they can push the limit before mom and or dad step in to address the behavior. The age this usually begins differ with every child. Normally around toddler age is when their personalities are developing and they
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