What Does Art Mean To Me Essay

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Art is personal; an expression of inner thoughts and desires, affecting the way I not only see the world but myself. In order for a person to grow they must know who they are, their aspirations, the true nature of their thoughts, and their actuality of their persona; the physicality of art has given me this knowledge. With practicing in the arts I am able to grow as a person and I am able to see that growth within me. For with the expression of creativity, comes an outlet, an outlet of the unconscious, forming and showing the reality of the mind. This outlet releases internal emotions and helps me to find tranquility within myself. This state of mind is a supplement for my own personal problems. Also, I am able to create new ideas, ones that help me see the world in a new light. I am able to form a relaxing and mesmerizing state of mind, one that leaves me fascinated with the world around me, along with a deep love for simplicity. Visual arts have truly given me an insight on my own mind and happiness in my life. This is why I full-heartedly believe and practice in the arts, to find peace of mind, not in the world, but in myself. The true beauty of art comes not only from the end product but from…show more content…
Even though I pursue art for myself and my own happiness, I still strive for greatness. I am young and there is still much improvement that I need in my work, there is always room for growth and I know that I need it. Whenever I look at my work from the past and the present I see many imperfections and that is time because there is always time to grow as both a person and as an artist. Also, exposure to other kids who are interested in visual arts, will enable me to further and expand on my ideas and on myself. This is truly why I think that attending MFAA will help me mature and flourish in the
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