What Does Barbie Mean to You?

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The Barbie doll was invented by Ruth Handler, of Mattel in 1959. She was inspired to make a doll after watching her daughter Barbara playing with her paper dolls. The fashion doll was named after Ruth’s daughter and the Ken doll was named after her son two years later. Today the Barbie doll has become one of the best- selling, cultural icon symbols in any young girls’ and women’s’ lives. Barbie can represent a multitude of things depending on who you ask. She can be defined as a positive thing like a brand or a tradition but also thought of negatively as a promotion of the beauty ideal. The main reason that Barbie gained so much popularity and is still popular today was because her main purpose and her conception were to fill the void of having a role-playing toy. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the girls had only baby dolls and paper dolls to role-play with. With the new age of television in many households, Mattel’s aggressive marketing on television, contributed to making Barbie a household name. Some other reasons for Barbie’s success, was because Barbie was marketed with different careers, clothes, accessories and companions over the years. In 1998, Happy Holiday’s Barbie Doll was one of the first dolls to be sold as a collector doll. Mattel has new holiday dolls that come out each year. Now Barbie has evolved into a way for mother’s and daughter’s to bond, by the passing down of older dolls and being able to collect them. Barbie has become…
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