What Does Beatrice’s Language Show About Her Attitudes Towards Different Men in the Two Different Scenes You Have Studied?

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What does Beatrice’s language show about her attitudes towards different men in the two different scenes you have studied? 10th February 2012 Introduction Much ado nothing is a romantic Shakespeare play about two couples of lovers. The play is set in Messina, deep in the heart of Italy and is based in Elizabethan times. The lovers are namely; Claudio and Hero, Bennedick and Beatrice. Claudio is a noble Florentine count from Florence. Bennedick is a war hero from Padua. Both are honourable war heroes fighting for Don Pedro the prince of Aragon. Beatrice is the niece of Leonato the Governor of Messina. At the beginning of the play Don Pedro and his valiant fighters return from the wars to Messina. While at Messina Claudio immediately falls…show more content…
However beneath all this fancy language we can derive that Bennedick was painted all over Beatrice’s thoughts and she cannot resist asking about his well-being. When the messenger states he knows none of that name, Hero her cousin says “My cousin means Signor Bennedick of Padua” this clearly shows that not only is Bennedick and Beatrice’s thoughts he is also a subject of conversation and discussion between Beatrice and Hero. The way Beatrice speaks seemingly spitefully about Bennedick shows us she is perhaps interested in Bennedick and trying not to arouse the suspicion of the messenger and her uncle. By adding sarcastic comments and insults where Bennedick name appears shows us she is trying hard not to bring out her real feelings for him, the name “Signor Mountanto” is one of the names Beatrice has devised to insult Bennedick however the fact that the name is so complex in meaning and the inside joke so well thought out shows us she has really thought about this insult and it has not an insult off the top of her head. Beatrice is more devious and careful about relationships than Claudio who seems rather desperate to get with Hero and throw himself headfirst into a relationship that he perhaps knows nothing about. This suggests perhaps she has more experience in love and relationships and has also experienced disappointment and is afraid of it. STEP 3 When Bennedick and Beatrice meet they immediately engage in a fierce verbal battle,

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