What Does Beauty Mean?

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What does beauty mean to you? Often times people surgically change their appearance to feel better about themselves. A Majority of the time people are unsatisfied with their bodies, so they alter their looks. These individuals look up to celebrities who have paid thousands of dollars to look a particular way. Cosmetic surgeons are being bombarded by star struck clients demanding specific features of celebrities. Some of the victims believe that getting surgery to look like a celebrity will put them on track to becoming famous. Becoming famous is often vital to this kind of crowd, so they will do whatever it will take to draw further attention to themselves. Aspiring celebrities tend to go the whole nine yards to be beautiful; they will go to extreme measures for attention. The most common thing an aspiring artist/celebrity would do to become a bigger brand is exploiting themselves. Different ways a celebrity can exploit themselves is displaying nudity, and receiving plastic surgery. As stated, “I’m Doing it with class, cause I got a big ass” this quote was stated by superstar Kimberly Noel Kardashian also known as Kim K, who was an up and coming celebrity in the year of 2006. She was best friends with famous celebrity Paris Hilton, better known as her closet pet and her assistant on the show of “The Simple Life”. Mrs. Kardashian-West really did not become relevant until she started dating singer Ray J, also known as Brandy Norwood’s brother. According to www.break.com,
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