What Does Cinematic Realism Mean For Andre Bazin?

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What does cinematic realism mean for André Bazin? (2000 words) (N.B. Each essay question should be discussed in relation to one or more audiovisual examples (e.g., individual films and/or film scenes, computer games) of your own choice. You are encouraged to make use of visual material in your essay. This essay will discuss the meaning of cinematic realism for Andre Bazin, a French film critic, theorist and mentor to directors, who; he also co-founded the influential film magazine Cahiers du Cinema in 1951 alongside Jacques Doniol- Valcroze and Joseph-Marie Lo Duca. This publication was a review of cinema, it re-invented criticism and theory of films. In order to do so it will be necessary to first of all discuss various arguments or schools of thought regarding the essence of cinema, such as those of formative theorists like Rudolf Arnheim and Bela Balazs as well as those of the Soviet montage theorists, such as Eisenstein, before moving on to the ideas of the Italian neo-realists, their influence on Bazin and finally Bazin himself. The key factors of realism for Bazin, such as mise en scene, the long take and how they differ from other film making techniques such as montage will be analysed. This will be done particularly in relation to De Sica’s 1948 film, Ladri di Biciclette. According to Robert Stam (2000, p.72) ever since the arrival of talking pictures, debates arose concerning the “essence of cinema. There were particular differences between “formative”
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