What Does College Guarantee?

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What Does College Guarantee? There is a controversy about college degrees and their worth. They say a degree give you what you want. Do companies really consider a degree when hiring. Is college even worth going to. We are constantly told that if you want to make it in life and have a well-paid career you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Is this the truth? I disagree. In today’s era, getting a career or even a job for high school students it is all about who you know and your skills. Businesses usually hire based off experience and word of mouth. Companies want to have employees who have basic knowledge of the job they will be doing. They would rather have someone with an idea about the work than someone who doesn’t. Even though…show more content…
“This, I submit, is the freedom of a real education, of learning how to be well-adjusted. You get to consciously decide what has meaning and what doesn’t” (Wallace 207). Freedom is being educated, to have awareness, having an understanding, and to know what is really the truth. College gives a person different point of views most do not see. If you ask students why they are going to college their answer can simply be to work my dream job, to get a raise, or for themselves. The majority go to college to have an advantage for their career choice. They think that having a degree will get them the placement they want but there is never a guarantee. Many other people could be applying for a position that one is trying to gain, making the odds of gaining a career in a field they want very slim. Even the degree type makes gaining a career harder. One can’t simply get a computer technician job with an English degree. Companies look at what students have studied and if they fit the category.
A degree does have worth in the way that it shows hiring managers that the person they are considering is dedicated and has a basic knowledge of the job they are looking for. They know that the student has learned how to analyze and judge better. A degree shows that a student spent a lot of time and effort to have a title. They want to know that if they hire this person they will stay with the company for a
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