What Does Compassion Mean To Me

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Everyone has the right to be happy and live a good life. Some people can be helpful and compassionate, whereas some others may be harmful and miserable towards other people. All the people have the potential for these kind of feelings, but not everyone develops them in the same way. They may be stronger in someone, and weaker in somebody else. Compassion, which is the most powerful and the strongest force in the whole world, helps us to overcome even the greatest difficulties in our life. Combined with a desire to help, compassion can make miracles. If we have compassion, then we can take action and do as much as we can to help the person who is suffering.
If a person is compassionate, this means that one is able to understand the state and the situation of another human being and help one to overcome any kind of problem one is going through. Having compassion means that one wants the best in others. We go out of our way, just to help people with physical, emotional and spiritual sufferings. Compassion is so
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I felt pretty sorry when I saw the woman holding her baby and walking aimlessly across the street. I just gave them some of the food I was eating and then I left. After that, I thought to myself: " Why didn't I give her some money as well? Maybe she needed something else to eat. That couldn't have been enough for both of them. Or maybe they were thirsty, who knows? After feeling realizing that I could have been a little more compassionate I went back to give them some money, after finding out they were no longer there. Poor them. Life is so
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