What Does Cultural Diversity Mean To Me

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I grew up with a very strange variety of people. It was normal for me to have various teenagers and young adults living across the hall from me. There were people that family saw were in need and worthy of our help. Whether it was the son of a customer who was abandoned by his father and disowned by his mentally ill mother, or a teenager from Belgium who had no one to stay with while in the United States, we brought them into our home and made them part of our family until they were back on their feet. My parents’ generosity completely changed the lives of the people we helped, while some of them also changed ours. Many became very close to me and were basically my siblings. This completely shaped my personality, values, and interests that I continue to have to this day. I am now very passionate about humanitarian aid. My childhood caused my interest in volunteering, while also changing my perspective of people and changing my perspective of the world.…show more content…
Few things bring me the amount of happiness that volunteering gives me. It gives you opportunity to help others, feel meaning in your life, and create relationships with people that can last a lifetime. When I was young, I did not feel that my family was some gift from heaven doing God-like works; it is just a thing that we did. I share that ideology today. By volunteering, I am not a hero or an immaculate person, it is just a thing that I do. I do it because I feel that it is my obligation to do so and I enjoy doing
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