What Does Diapers Mean

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What to include in Diaper Bags 1. 3-5 spare diapers 2. Diaper wipes (of course) 3. Change of clothes for baby (at least one complete outfit) 4. Plastic bags for used soiled diaper and clothes. I love this ones by Sassy as it odor-free. 5. Formula/Bottles (unless you are nursing. Make sure to include extras) 6. Cell phone (if you don’t have it in your handbag) 7. Blankets to keep baby warm (can also be used for privacy while nursing) 8. Nursing cover if nursing 9. Extra nursing pads if nursing 10. Extra pacifier if your little one is hooked on her/his pacifier 11. Burp Clothes and/bib for eating and burping. Spit happens very frequently with babies 12. Toys (Baby can get bored easily and a familiar toy can occupy and calm down a fussy baby If
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