What Does Donald Trump Can Become The `` Make America Great Again ' Essay

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“Make America Great Again” has been the slogan that President-elected Donald Trump has used throughout his campaign. The “Make America Great Again” is a campaign slogan used in American politics that originated with Ronald Reagan campaign in the 1980s. The slogan was created in 1979, when the United States was suffering from a failing economy. The slogan was also used by former President Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, although he later claimed the statement was a racist dog whistle during the 2016 election. He believes that when this slogan is mention, people come sliding in for support. In many cases, they don’t really know why they support a certain individual. This paper will look at how Donald Trump can become the “Make America Great Again” President. The paper will begin by looking at environmental policy. The paper will focus on Congressional relations. The third paragraph will look at how Donald Trump can “Make America Great Again” through the use of education. Finally, the paper will highlight on how all these strategies depend upon political will. This paragraph will look at how President-elected Donald Trump can become the “Make America Great Again” President through the use of environmental policy. The Obama Administration has made real progress in developing a wide range of initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through clean energy policies. In 2009, “President Obama set aggressive energy and sustainability goals for the federal government
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