What Does Effective Leadership Mean?

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What does effective leadership mean to you?
In my reflections as I prepared to write this paper, I came to the realization that leadership is much more complex especially since the paper requires that I focus on a few traits. In an effort to make it simple, I wrote down the traits that came to mind and in process had over 10 important traits but an even bigger challenge was on how to narrow them down to 3 or 4 and this is the place that required a good deal of reflection. Eventually, however, I had to prioritize them since in any case; it is not possible to get a leader that has all the traits. As I thought of the various leaders who have inspired me, I noticed that while they strived to provide the best leadership by focusing on their strong points, they still had their weaknesses. To me this provided a justification for at least identifying key desirable traits and thereafter working to improve them. I did manage to settle on four traits, which for me are indispensible if a leader or a leadership is to become effective.
The first trait that I have chosen is ability to communicate. Having grown up in a multicultural environment, communication is something that I have come to appreciate as an important trait for a leader. This realization was further reinforced during my experience working as part of a team in one of my workplaces. I was once part of a team that was involved in coming up with a community outreach program in our workplace as part of the company’s corporate

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