What Does Empath Mean To You

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When I was a little girl, I used to love to draw in the dust on the back of car windows. One day, I drew “I <3 you Me Me” while waiting for the bus. My mom drove to the gas station and when she got out of her car, a woman came up to her and said: “I saw what was written on the back of your car, and I was wondering how it got there.” My mother explained that I had written it earlier that morning waiting for the bus. The woman teared up and said, “My grandson used to call me ‘Me Me’, and he recently passed away. I felt like that was written for me.” To this day I still feel chills when I think about it, and I’ve come to understand that I was put here to comfort others and brighten their day. I don’t really fancy the word “empath” because…show more content…
It’s not fashionable or cool to be nice in the modern day world, and I try hard to change that. In a society that would rather hold an impersonal conversation over iMessage instead of talking face to face, we’ve lost kindness and compassion. A simple “are you okay?” or “do you want to talk?” is a big step in the right direction of supporting our fellow humans. I’ve come to learn that there are basically three main emotions people feel: happiness, sadness, and fear. Happiness could be anything from excitement to love to overwhelming joy. Sadness is complicated because many other emotions end up being sadness when you analyze it. You lost a round of Mario Kart and you’re mad, well, why are you mad? Is it because you failed, and does failing make you sad? Anything pertaining to anger is sadness-based, but sadness can also be felt as heartbreak, longing, and confusion. Fear expresses itself in anxiety, jealousy, and hatred. Another thing I’ve learned about people is that we’re scared to be confident and believe in our talents. It’s a bad thing to love yourself and the things that you accomplish. Even while writing this, I’m finding myself starting to squirm at highlighting my thoughts and beliefs. Understanding how and why people feel these emotions aids in calming them down, but not every person is the
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