What Does Equality Mean To Me Essay

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At present, new issues have emerged for those of us who have radically transformed ourselves outwardly to match our souls. These things are signs of the times, and each of us deal with them as a matter of choice, and in our own way. Everyone has options as to how they conduct their lives. Transgenders are no different, basically because we are all just as human as the next person, frailties and all. Stacey and Arlen chose to blend in. That didn't mean they were ashamed at what they had become. Far from it. On the other hand, even Stacey and Arlen had to weather many an episode of sweaty palms worrying about losing a job, being refused service at restaurants, at churches, medical institutions, or approached to produce an I.D. in order to go to the bathroom.…show more content…
However, the latest development is the embarrassment at having to explain to people that equality cannot be cast aside for the so-called greater good. Separate laws and regulations are being considered, some by the well-meaning, and some by administrators and legislators who can’t quite figure out what the word equality really means. They are afraid or just don’t know. As a result, unwanted attention has caused some of us to grow alligator skin. Some no longer care to blend in. Others push normal barriers and do their best not to blend in. It would do us all a world of good to ignore anybody who uses shock as a teaching tool, transgendering or not. Go back to the word equality. Embrace it. Stacey and Arlen, too, may be forced to become activists because of a rising tide of subversive ridicule on both sides of the
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